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Free website for professional Norfolk businesses

We find ourselves in strange times indeed. Many local businesses are facing unprecedented challenges. How do you reach customers when your doors are closed? How can you continue to sell your wares or expertise from a distance? Boosting your online presence is certainly one way.

Social media can take you so far, but if you don’t have a website, you could well be missing out. Even a simple site helps give potential customers the confidence to get in touch. You clearly mean business.

But we know that not all businesses can afford to invest huge sums at the moment. So, here at Example Marketing, we are offering our professional services, for free, as our way of trying to help keep the local economy going. We want to support those hard-working individuals who are finding innovative ways to thrive against the odds.


Who is this offer for?

This offer is open to any business or sole trader – existing or new – the only requirement is that you are based in Norfolk. This is about supporting our local economy! 

The 10 sites will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, so register your interest now!


What’s included?

We are giving away 10 one-page websites, for free. We will build your site, personalise it for your business and support your through the process, getting you live and online in no time. You get…


Free 1-page responsive website (that means it works well on mobiles too)

Premium WordPress Theme

Worth more than £70 per year


Personalised custom design

We’ll make the site work with your company’s branding


SSL Certificate

A free SSL is included whilst hosted with us

Email Address

A professional email address which uses your own domain

Google Analytics

We’ll connect the site to a Google Analytics account so that you can view and analyise traffic

Designed by professionals

We are professional web designers. This is what we do for a living. And usually we charge a rate which reflects that expertise. But these unusual times call for unusual measures. So, you’re getting a professionally designed and built site for nothing.

Yes, it will be a relatively simple site – pretty similar to this one – but it will be yours. You will have access to a content management system, which means you can make updates yourself. It will be built on WordPress, a flexible and widely used platform, so if you want to grow your site in the future or add functionality, that will be no problem.

The Catch

What’s the catch?

We hope you don’t think of it as a catch, but whilst the design and build of your site is free, we do ask that you host your site with us for a minimum of one year. Hosting is on a premium hosting platform using Google Cloud and costs £15.99 + VAT per month (that’s £191.88 + vat per year). You are under no obligation to stick with us after that, although we obviously hope we’ll be lifelong friends by then!

We’re happy to offer free advice in relation to your site throughout the year. If you want to make any significant changes, we’re here to help, but that time may be chargeable. We are reasonably priced with small businesses in mind. Our aim is not to reel you in and then fleece you, promise! That’s just not how we work.

What else?

Other things you need to think about

So, we’ve covered building and designing the website (free), and hosting (£15.99 + VAT per month), but what else do you need to think about?

Website Domain

Do you have a domain for your website?



Are you happy to write the content for your site? We can give you some guidance on what and how to write


Do you have good quality images (that you have permission to use)?


Do you have a logo that you can provide?

Customer Data

Will you be collecting customer data via the site? If so, we recommend you have a privacy policy on your site to comply with GDPR.


Need extra help?

We’ll need all of these things to get your site live. If the answer to any of them is “no”, we can help. We can also offer a list of paid extras if you want to add some functionality to your site – a blog, for example. Costs available on request.


To register your interest in one of our free sites, simply fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch to get the ball rolling!

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